Our community league functions with volunteers like YOU!!

Please be a part of the community you want for your family.

The Montrose Community League board meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7PM. Community league members are welcome to come and participate in the meetings. The Annual General Meeting is scheduled every June.

Board members of the Montrose Community League are volunteers.

President – Scott Griffin


Secretary – Jennifer Martin

Treasurer – Allan Goerz

Treasurer-in-Training – We are looking to train someone in the treasurer position to eventually take over this position. 

Buildings and Grounds – Todd Segin

Communications – Jessica Moyer

Hall Rentals –Bonnie and Ray Thurston

Memberships – Betty Griffin

Social- Amber MacPherson

Programming – Amber MacPherson


You can contact any of our board members through this website, by emailing [email protected], or by calling the league’s office at 780-471-2758 (and leaving a message).

To contact our Hall Rentals coordinator to inquire about renting our facility, please call our hall rentals line at 780-984-7678 or email [email protected].

As we are a volunteer run organization, it may take a couple days or so to respond to the inquiry.