Because our community league is on municipal land, there are certain rules we need to follow. This is why the Montrose Community League’s facilities (and all community leagues’ in the City) can only be used for ‘recreation’ purposes, such as recreational sports, social, community, and cultural facilities and programs.

League facilities cannot be used for commercial purposes. In broad strokes, this means we can’t rent the hall out to companies, salespeople, or for-profit service providers for their work.

Some examples of things that aren’t permitted:

  • Hostess sale parties run on behalf of companies, like Tupperware, PartyLite, or Avon
  • Letting a company use the hall as an office
  • Letting a company run a call centre, service desk, or other for-profit function out of the hall.
  • A professional trade show where you can sign up for a paid service (like a cell phone or a realtor or a construction contractor).

However, it is possible for Montrose to contract private companies to provide the league with services and programs. For example, we could hire a contractor to teach a fitness class as part of the programming Montrose provides.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this, please call our facilities rentals coordinator at 780-984-7678 or email [email protected].